Inspection and Repair

Effective, efficient and reliable turbines, rotors and compressors are important. I.T.M.S. focuses on comprehensive inspections and repairs. Inspections are conducted based on different protocols. Defects are reported via a protocol to the client. I.T.M.S. then provides a repair report. This report contains and describes the findings and explains how we can fix the defects for you.

I.T.M.S determines in consultation with the customer to what extend the repair proposal is carried out. We are specialised in the following:


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I.M.S. (International Machining Services) is a service provider in the field of machining. I.M.S. is responsible for producing parts of machines.

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Klebo is the expert when it comes to engineering, module construction and process equipment. IMS and ITMS are subsidiaries of Klebo.

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I.T.M.S. (International Turbo Machinery Services) operates in the overhaul and maintenance of turbines and gas or liquid compressors. ITMS helps to keep power plants running.

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